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Superior Crane's Future is Looking Bright
If you want the best, go to the experts for all your overhead material handling needs! Superior Crane specializes in making overhead material handling equipment and products that are versatile and customizable to your company’s specifications.

• Our fabrication department consists of a full staff of engineers who can customize any of your overhead material equipment needs under CMAA (Crane Manufacturing Association of America) regulations.
• Our welders/fabricators are AWS D1.1 & D14.1 certified and we have an on-staff Certified Welding Inspector.
• We have a full electrical department who tends to all your electrical manufacturing needs and meet the National Electrical Standards for overhead material equipment.
• SCC-Fabrication has painters on staff that can tailor your equipment to your needs.
• We can provide custom-built cranes featuring SCC built end trucks, trolleys, hoists, platforms, cabs, machining, horizontal gear boxes, etc.
• In the past year, we have added additional personnel in fabrication for both shifts to handle our customer’s needs and time frames.
• SCC-Fabrication has added supplementary equipment and tools to its workforce to accommodate and handle larger cranes.
• SCC-Fabrication can build all classes of CMAA cranes, including explosion proof.
• SCC-Fabrication is not limited to the Midwest region of the United States; we ship all across the country and can provide service to them as well!
• SCC-Fabrications' Quality Management System became ISO-9001:2008 certified in July of 2013.
• In May of 2018, SCC's Quality Management System had been revised to ISO-9001: 2015 standards.
Heavy Load Material Handling Equipment Hoists & Overhead Cranes
Overhead (Bridge) Cranes
What is a Overhead Crane or Bridge Crane?
An overhead crane or bridge crane is a crane with single or multiple girder movable bridge, carrying a movable trolley or fixed hoisting mechanism, and traveling on an overhead fixed runway structure.
Wall Mounted Cranes
A crane having a cantilever frame with or without trolley, and supported from a side wall or line of columns of a building. It is a traveling type and operates on a runway attached to the side wall or columns.
Wall Mounted Traveling Jib or Pillar Cranes
A crane that has a rotating boom attached to a mast which is held in a vertical position by floor and ceiling mounting or by wall-bracket mounting. A pillar crane is a special type of jib crane which is self-supported at the base.
Gantry Cranes
A crane similar to an overhead crane except that the bridge for carrying the trolley or trolleys is rigidly supported on two legs running on fixed rails or other runway. There are also push gantries which are free-wheeling on casters.
A machinery unit that is used for lifting or lowering a freely suspended (unguided) load.
Crane Runways/Monorail Systems
The rails, beams, brackets and framework on which the crane operates.
A device or group of devices which serve to govern in some predetermined manner the power delivered to the motor to which they are connected.
Under Hook Devices
Items attached to the hook which assist in moving the load.
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