Department: Parts & Service
Location: Superior Crane & Machining Corp.
Waukesha, WI
Type: Full-time
Reports To: 2nd shift

Industrial Painter

We all have a common goal here at SCC and working together helps us to achieve it. We connect our individual accomplishments towards SCC’s objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to obtain uncommon results!

Have a passion for painting and an eye for detail? Meticulous with your work and enjoy showing your spray painting work off?  Here’s the opportunity for you!


  • Two to five years’ experience using air assisted, airless equipment spraying water-reducible enamels, enamels, two-part epoxies and two-part polyurethanes.
  • Two to five years of clean/prep steel surfaces per required SSPC-SP requirements.
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Must be able to read blueprints
  • Experience with open air painting preferred
  • Good overall understanding of MSDS specs and regulations
  • Proficient in reading wet film thickness and dry film thickness gauges.
  • Proficient in operating and cleaning of air assisted airless painting equipment.
  • Must have knowledge of paint application in relationship to dew point, paint temperature, mixing instructions, sweat-in time, pot life, gun tip sizes, pump pressures and re-coat times.
  • Work in a safe manner in accordance with OSHA safety rules and regulations.
  • Respiratory protection is required for this position and employee must pass a respiratory function exam and respiratory fit test

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions:

  • Able to climb ladders and work above ground (not afraid of heights).
  • Work on knees and/or arms overhead
  • Able to work while laying on back.
  • Ability to safely lift up to 50 pounds on a regular basis.
  • Able to stand for four hours at a time.
  • Must be able to comply with proper fitting of respiratory protective equipment


  • Spray painting structural steel in position (overhead, vertical, horizontal), using air assisted airless equipment and cup gun application in a job shop environment building electric overhead traveling bridge cranes.
  • Maintain excellent level of quality on all product
  • Know the safety rules and conduct his/her work in compliance with these rules

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled/Other Protected Category.


We work with you closely to customize each crane case-by-case to make sure that each lifting solution is the right one for each lifting task.

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