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Overhead Cranes 

Superior Crane Corporation is one the Midwest’s leading provider for overhead material handling equipment, including overhead cranes.  Superior Crane Corporation can not only provide a quality crane, but they also can customize your crane to your particular needs.  Our talented, experienced sales staff can guide you to explore which crane will work for your company, environment and applications.  SCC can build the following types of cranes, bridge cranes, monorail cranes, gantry cranes and jib cranes.  Which crane do you need? 

Bridge Cranes 

An overhead crane or bridge crane is a crane with single or multiple girder movable bridge, carrying a movable trolley or fixed hoisting mechanism, and traveling on an overhead fixed runway structure. Bridge cranes are usually your largest capacity crane that entails a parallel runway with a bridge beam(s) spanning the gap between the runway.   The bridge beam(s) is supported on end trucks that ride the runway beams horizontally through your work area(s).  On your bridge beam(s) you have a trolley that runs the beam while a hoist(s) that is supported by the trolley goes up and down by wire rope.  Some types of bridge cranes are top running double girder cranes and underhung single girder cranes. 

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Jib Cranes

Jib cranes’ bridge beams are connected to the floor or hung from a column often used in a specific lift function.  A crane that has a rotating boom attached to a mast which is held in a vertical position by floor and ceiling mounting or by wall-bracket mounting. A pillar crane is a special type of jib crane which is self-supported at the base.   Jib cranes are often mounted to a wall or the floor.  Jib cranes work well in smaller work areas but can be paired with overhead bridge cranes to escalate production.   

Gantry Cranes 

Gantry cranes is an overhead crane that built atop usually an A-frame structure.  A gantry crane glides along a track installed on a floor or a V-groove caster, whereas an overhead crane rides on a runway system.  Gantry cranes are good to use if your business is in no need of incorporating a runway system.  A gantry crane has no need for permanent runway beams and columns, which in turn can provide savings on materials for a customer.  The design of the gantry crane allows them to be used in the outside environment as well as allow vehicles to move freely underneath the crane.  


A hoist is a machinery unit that is used for lifting or lowering a freely suspended (unguided) load.  Superior Crane Corp. Can design, machine and fabricate your custom hoist to your needs.  The following is the different types of hoists that SCC can build: 

Horizontal split gearbox hoists-Superior Crane builds the gearbox that houses the drive and brakes, trolley frame, machines the drums, etc.

  • Hoists are great for heavy duty environments 
  • Used for heavy duty cycle applications 
  • With the split box design-makes it easier for maintenance  

Modular Hoists-Superior Crane builds the frame and machines the drums; Drives and Brakes are mass produced (Nord and/or Bonfiglioli): 

  • Less cost 
  • Use for lighter duty cycle applications 

Rotating Hoists: 

  • Great for the paper industry applications 
  • Works well with lifting beams 

Stacker Hoists: 

  • Great for Storage/Warehouse/Material Control applications 

Trolleys are components that run on wheels where a hoist is hanging and can move horizontally along the bridge of a crane. 

crane hoists in Milwaukee, WI


Nuclear/Reactor cranes are a special type of overhead material handling equipment that is used primarily for the removal and replacement of the reactor head and/or the refueling process.  These cranes’ design, machining, fabrication, painting, assembly, etc. go through detailed inspections, checks and must follow the exact regulations and guidelines that are provided by ASME NQA-1.  Nuclear/Reactor cranes need to be high performing and very dependable.   


End trucks are components built out of heavy steel angles with wheels that can carry a hoist up and down an overhead bridge crane’s girder or the actual overhead bridge crane on the crane’s runway system.  End trucks are located on either side of the bridge.  There are two types of end trucks, underhung and top running.  Underhung end trucks run on the bottom flange of bridge cranes.  Top running end trucks run on the top of the girders of bridge cranes.   

crane controls radio milwaukee wisconsin


A device or group of devices which serve to govern in some predetermined manner the power delivered to the motor to which they are connected.  Type of controls for a crane can be cab and/or pendant/radio operated.  Radio remote controls allow the operator(s) to switch between multiple hoists or cranes, freely and from a wireless control.  A pendant is attached to the crane itself and is controlled by an operator using a push button. 

Superior Crane can provide the following systems: 

  • Runway & Monorail Supply Buss Bar Systems 
  • Flat & Round Cable Festooning Systems 
  • Wired Pendant Control Stations 
  • Radio Remote Control Systems 
  • Variable Frequency Drive Control Packages 
  • System Upgrade Packages 

Superior Crane is your provider for all electric components i.e. controls, and radios needs for overhead material equipment and is a distributor for the following suppliers: 

    • Cattron 
    • Duct-O-Wire 
    • Magnetek 
    • EnRange 
    • Howell/Wampfler 


Girders can be either single or double beams that run the width of a building that connects the runways and move the hoist/trolley horizontally.   Girders can be in the forms of I-beams or rolled steel that is fabricated into a steel box design.   


Our Machining department are experts in providing custom machining equipment you need for your overhead material handling needs.  Not only can they machine new equipment, but they can reverse engineer your older components.  Do you need machining done for components that are not used for overhead material handling needs?  We got you covered!  Our machining department has done work in many industries including, nuclear, government, military, food/drug industry, mining, paper, steel, etc.  Some examples of the equipment machining have handled is sheaves, end trucks, hooks, front plates, side plates, spacers, gears, drums, shafts, etc. 


Trolleys are components that run on wheels where a hoist is hanging and can move horizontally along the bridge of a crane. 

Monorail Cranes

Monorail cranes work on a 2-axis motion and its beams can bend and curve.  These cranes work well in specific lifting needs for your company. 


We work with you closely to customize each crane case-by-case to make sure that each lifting solution is the right one for each lifting task.

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