Crane Brothers Blog #2

We are back at it showing you our American made pride. As we looked back at or first Vlog, we noticed that we like to say a few phrases that we were not quite aware of. Chris likes to say, “like I said” and Ryan starts every sentence with “um”. We sure know how to build cranes, but do not know how to speak well. We are working on that and hope you can continue to let us know how many you can catch in each video. 

As we mentioned in our first video, the American flag is a staple for our company. We have it displayed on everything from our clothing, inside the shop, building, and even on every crane that leaves the building. We are proud to be American and Wisconsinbased Manufacturer. Even with everything going on in the world with the Covid-19 pandemic, it has not slowed us down and we will continue to keep our American pride going.  

One part of our company we want to showcase is our Kit manufacturing area. We saw an area of our company that we could improve on and make more efficient. A Kit crane is defined as a single girder crane that can be up to 60’ in length. The components come in a box that includes the hoist, controls, festoon, and connections. The idea behind the space is to speed up lead times to meet our customers needs. We can produce a kit crane in 3 to 4 weeks after the kit has arrived at our facility. This allows us to work with customers that have a need and a quick deadlineWe have 2 specific employees, Kyle – Fabrication and Justine – Electrical, that make the magic happen. They have been both trained in multiple areas so they can manufacture each crane from start to finish. We have streamlined the process to make sure that we continue to produce each one of our cranes at the highest quality.  

Make sure to check out our video of our process in the kit area, featuring Kyle and Justine, as well as all our other videos on our YouTube page. Make sure to like and subscribe to our channel to see where the Crane Brothers will be next! 

Over view shot of our kit crane area known as the Focus Factory

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