Crane Brothers Blog #3 – Cabs are us

Class F Mill Duty

Welcome back to Superior Crane with the Crane Brothers. We wanted to show you all what we are capable of building at our facility. When we say we can build anything to meet you needs, this is the best example to show you of how large and complex we can go. The crane we are talking about today is a Class F Mill Crane. This has a 50 Ton lifting capacity and will be around 460,000 lbs. finished crane weight with a 131’-2 ¾” span. This crane really shows the size of what we are capable here at Superior Crane. 

The traveling cab sits under the crane on the G2 girder. The customized cab is built fully enclosed with heat reflective glass, operator chair, refrigerator, microwave, and radio system. The controller can sit comfortably while they work a long day and be protected from the elements. We have stairs that make it fully accessible to move to the top of the girders to access the motor control house as well as the main platform on the crane. Since Superior Crane can produce any customizations to any cab, we can make it work for you. If a cab is just what you need, we can help you replace any cab to your specifications here at our facility.  

As you watch the blog, you will see that we are not just any overhead crane manufacturer. We can make a variety of sizes and functions that will meet your needs. Please make sure to continue to check out all our other Crane Brother Vlogs and make sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages as well. And as we say it here, “Craned it”. 

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